Phibbie and Subbie

Matthew's Formal

Robyn and a puppy

Jess' 16th birthday

Tim socialising at his birthday

Tim's birthday party

20th anniversary, Port Macquarie

Box Beach on the way back home

Who is that georgeous girl?

Matt's 18th, with McBain

Troy at Matt's 18th

Epic fail by Dan

The speeches

Ignite Camp, my mate Stu

A girl we knew once, chasing goats

Jess and Monkey

The death of Matt's 1st car

Port Macquarie, my catch

Port Macquarie, the other catch

Some of our most favouritest people

Phillip not fishing

The fruit of the vine at Bago winery

A nice tree at the winery

Phillip getting ready for goalkeeping

Zenith to Fingal Zenith Beach up high Love at a great altitude
The view from Fingal island towards the bay on the other side of the spit
Robyn and I walked up in stages

Shoal Bay from the lookout

Phillip on Fingal island

Port Stephens Lighthouse I like this lighthouse A lot
The lighthouse keepers residence, now with skylights and fresh air An anniversary kiss
Updated 6th May 2008